your images with Izzy's Culling Service



{.07 / image}

The cost for this service is based on the total amount of images you submit to me.  You provide your target number, a percentage, or a range of images to edit down to.

Submit 1200 images
Whether the final edit count is 400 or 700
Your cost = $84   (1200 x $.07)

Take the stress out of your post wedding workflow by outsourcing your culling and use that time to reinvest in growing your business.  With Izzy's Culling Service all of the images from your shoot are reviewed and the best images are kept based on your preferences. Shots with closed eyes, unsavable exposures, duplicates, and out of focus shots are culled out.  This will leave your client with a more practically sized edit of their best images.

We will discuss your specific needs prior to culling. For example: would you like me to keep a unique emotional image of the bride & groom even if the focus is a bit soft?  How many images should I select for each wedding party & family grouping?  Do you require any specific cropping?

If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable about someone else looking through all of your images you are not alone. I have heard from a number of clients that they had a hard time in the beginning but are so happy they got past it and feel it's so worth it now.  And hey, I won't judge!