Turn around time

If you schedule your wedding with me in advance I can turn it around within one week. For weddings not scheduled in advance expect a 2 week turnaround or less depending on where we are in the wedding season. Scheduled weddings get priority but I can usually fit unscheduled smaller shoots like engagements and families in within a week.  Real Estate photography can be turned around within 24 hours.  Most small retouching projects can be turned around in 24 hours as well.

Submitting images

I use Dropbox for all non-wedding shoots. You may also drop off & pick up your external drive at my home office in Minneapolis, or mail a thumb drive. Mailing charge is $3.50 to return your drive.

I accept RAW and jpg images.


If you need culling and/or color correction (and do not require retouching) then you can send me your LR catalog & smart previews if you are using LR5 or newer. 

Matching your personal style

I will work with you; going back and forth with samples and apply your feedback until I’ve nailed the look and style you are looking for. 

Minimum order

Minimum order is $15.  This does not have to be from a single project. You may combine several projects but they must be submitted to me at the same time.

File output

I can return your completed images as high resolution jpgs or xmps. I do not charge to convert your RAW files to jpg.  Xmps are only an option if you are not having me retouch any of your images and only want color correction and/or culling.


Payment is due within 2 weeks upon receiving your finished files. I will email you an invoice. Balances must be paid prior to your next project.  I accept Paypal & Venmo. I also accept checks by mail.

More Questions

If you have any questions please contact me, I would love to hear from you!