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Removed background

Pre production design mockups for in-house use

Extended the background

Slimmed chin

Removed cord, floor scratches & speaker - Changed rug color & fluffed pillows

Removed graffiti from tower & color corrected

Portrait retouch & braces removal

Background replacement

1. headswap 2. add man to the bench 3. straighten

Removed woman on right & wrinkles in mom's shirt

Fixed skirt

Removed posts & garbage cans

Added snow & general retouch


Fluffed up comforter & removed background

Thinned neck

Removed pipes on brick wall

Removed glass glare

Removed birthmark on chin

Removed groom

Fixed collar on jersey

Portrait retouch

Fixed shirt collar

Evened out hair

Removed glass glare



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Color corrected, adjusted perspective, replaced sky in window, and removed dust & color cast on oven

Added blue sky

Added blue sky

Removed outlets, cord & reflection on wall

Removed garbage can

Changed the orange toned wood to look like it was painted white

Removed outlets & glare on the tile flooring

Adjusted perspective & color corrected